Обновите свою систему видеоконференцсвязи Polycom и сэкономьте свои инвестиции вместе с Vinteo

это российское решение для видеоконференцсвязи
What problems may encounter the company using Polycom video conferencing solution?
Company's goals that uses Polycom video conferencing solution
- Increasing service life of Polycom RMX
- Extending the functionality of CMA, DMA
- Increasing the number of ports
- Import substitution
- Extremely high cost of extending the functionality
- Russian equivalent is required
- Third-party MCUs have minimal compatibility
- The vendor stopped supporting the previously purchased video conferencing solution
- You need to be able to work using browsers
Upgrade Polycom video conferencing solution for Russian customers
Rich out-of-the-box functionality
- Hybrid conferences
- A large number of layouts (up to 144 participants on the screen)
- Moderation functions, conferences with simultaneous translation
Runs on the standard x86 platform
High compatibility with third-party MCUs at the architecture level
Support for all terminals
Support for the most modern video codecs including H. 264, H, 264 HP, H. 265
Advanced job losses (720p resolution even at 256 kb/sec)
Quality and smooth video stream (up to UltraHD with 60 fps)
High performance (when using GPU up to 5 users 720p/30 on 1 core)
Support for wideband audio codecs including g.722.1, g.722.1 C, Siren, AAC, Opus
Vinteo is a Russian industrial video conferencing solution (TelePresence) based on full-fledged mixing (not proxying): the same technologies and standards are used by Cisco, Polycom, Avaya, Huawei, etc.
Extension wit Vinteo
Ready-to-use scripts for integration with the existing system
Extending the functionality
Increasing the number of ports
Extending the service life of previously purchased equipment and software
Significant decline in the cost of video conferencing solution
Invisible for users and easy for administrators
The migration process usually consists of two main steps:
The server is installed in the customer's data center, or installed on a virtual platform. The server deployment process takes about an hour until it can receive the first calls (by comparison, this process takes a week for some of our competitors).
Installing the Vinteo server
After that, customers get all the additional opportunities that Polycom doesn't have, such as web conferences, WebRTC connection, unlimited number of external participants, etc. Unlimited device registration opportunities allow customers to easily upgrade to the Vinteo MCU.
Transfer of terminals and registration server to the Vinteo server
Current video conferencing solution infrastructure
Vinteo Solution
External contour
External companies
AI in Video Conferencing
Face authorization of participants
Now, there is no need to save the code, update the code, enter the code, inform participants, etc.
The condition - Several people in one meeting room
The task - Identifying the speakers automatically and displaying information about him
Dynamic speaker detection and signature change
Join the video conference room by looking at the camera
Collection of information on the real participants
- Which of the conference participants was on time, who missed and who was there before the end of the conference
- Students and teachers' traffic statistics
- Regularity of employees' communication
- How much are conference rooms filled up, etc
Automatically detects the speaker and displays information about him with signature change (Watermark)
The condition - One user - multiple devices
The task - Recognizing a participant the same on all devices and showing the same information about him
The condition - One device - multiple users
The task - Recognizing the user automatically and displaying information about him
The condition - One user - different video conferences
The task - Understanding in which conferences which name should be displayed
(For example, with government customers Peter Parker, Media group. With foreign partners -Peter Parker, CEO and Founder)
Recognizer 1.0 Video Analytics for MCU Vinteo
Saves every important points of the conference
- Identifying important points. Search for emotional peaks by facial expressions of conference participants
- Context search. Search for any moment of the conference by keywords
Video smart portal
- Search by a person. Search for a participant at any time of the conference
Elements of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Video smart portal reduces the time taken to make the manual parsing of videos from past video conferences and the risk of losing important information in the archive or missing an important point of the conference.
Vinteo Clients
Most of our clients are government agencies, ministries and departments, and business structures
We are ready to provide hardware servers, licenses, technical specialists, and testing methodology
Don't believe the words, order a free pilot project
Neutronix is the only single-vendor distributor of Vinteo
#1 in product expertise among partners
#1 in terms of demo fleet volume
The single solutions developer for MCU Vinteo
The single supplier of MCU edition for Panasonic terminals
Participant in localization of products to foreign markets